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3 Card Poker Game
Most online casinos offer the opportunity to play 3-card poker. You can do it alone, with friends or with players from around the world in multiplayer mode. Start the game, in front of you immediately see three boxes. At the same time you can play on one or two boxes. If the game is in the multiplayer mode, in this case to activate available only 2 boxes. The control buttons are located at the bottom right. On the left are the chips, using which you can bet. If you want to place a bet, you first need to select a specific denomination chip, after which it can be transferred to the field. Clicking on the field, it will chip, equivalent minimum rate. To remove a wagered chips, press the gray chip with X, and then click on the chip that you wish to remove. Pressing the Repeat Bet will automatically repetition rate, which has been made ??by you in the previous round.

That game has started, you will need to place a bet Ante in the corresponding field. The player also has the opportunity to make an additional bet. Making all bets Press Deal . She will start distributing games. On each box with a rate Ante . you get three cards. Besides three cards face down surrender himself dealer. receiving cards, you need to evaluate them for winning combinations. If the cards on the hand you completely satisfied, in this case, you can continue the game. To do this, click Bet . This action is done, the screen will automatically appear chip, which is equal to the rate of Ante. If the card you received are not satisfied, you can click Surrender , which will lead to the end of the game, while the rate Ante burn. Note that while playing on several boxes, actions for each of them committed by one. Action on all active boxes leads to the disclosure of the dealer's cards. In accordance with the rules existing in this kind of poker game dealer may be continued only under the condition that on his hand over a map of the ladies or one of the possible poker hands. If neither one nor the other is not, then the player is payment equal to the size of his original bet.

In that case, if the dealer has a game, the winner is determined by the top poker hand. Strong arm gives him the right player to win on both rates on factor 1:1 . Having a strong hand the dealer is losing player - all wagers placed burned. If the player and the dealer have the same hand, the winner reveal at the highest card. If it is the same for both, then the winner is determined by the following rank map. If all the cards are the same, is declared a draw. All bets are returned to the player. If your hand is stronger than the dealer or the game ended in a draw, then you can count on an additional payment at the rate of Ante . With a payout ratio can be found from the table payments. Make it appear, you need to press the plate " Table Limits . " It is located in the upper left part of the table. In Three Card Poker has a free bet, which allows you to get bonus payments. If a player made ??an optional payment to the optional bet on the P +, then in this case it is possible to get the bonus payoff regardless of what round ended - gain or loss rates. Get bonus payments can only when certain combinations indicated in the payout table. Their amount depends on the maximum limits for a particular table.

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