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American Blackjack Game Rules
The main task of the player in American blackjack is to collect Blackjack - the most senior combination or 21. If the amount the dealer has reached 17, he should stop the game. This variation of the popular games like blackjack and classic, is carried out using 6 decks, each of which consists of 52 cards. Shuffler dealer occurs after each new hand. The game may take place in one or more boxes.

We license card denomination coincides with their number. Regarding Jacks, queens and kings, their rating is 10 points. Interesting denomination stand aces, with whom he can be one or 10 points. It all depends on the willingness of the player. Betting Limits in American blackjack largely depend on the table at which the game is played. DEAL produces virtual dealer. He takes the player and himself two cards. It will show you only one of his card. If the open card has a rating of 10 points, the dealer's hand must check for the presence of blackjack. Note that the second card of the player will not be published. If the test showed the formation of a second card in the hand of the dealer has blackjack, in which case the game ends. If this combination is formed and the player, the round draw recognized. If the player has got any other combination, then all wagers placed depart to the casino.

If the dealer gave himself an ace in the open, you can insure your bet in case he blackjack education. To do this, click on "Insurance." Insure your bets while you need to make an additional bet that is equal to half the original. If it works, then you are paid at a rate of 2:1 win. You also have the opportunity to get paid at a rate of 1:1 until the opening of both dealer cards. But only if you have a hand formed the combination of blackjack. In American blackjack blackjack most highly paid - the combination of cards with a sum of 21 points after the first distribution. If you can not get it, then close to it will help you set additional cards. If after the first deal you do not want to continue the game, you can just give up. However, such a decision will lead to burn your original bet. No opportunity to surrender if the dealer's hand formed blackjack or you have already made ??a separation of cards into two hands.

Enlarge initial rate of 2 times the player can immediately after the first distribution. Doubling the rate from the deck you can take only one additional card, then you have to stop. It should say that you can increase the bid and after the separation of the hands.  If the dealer gave you two identical cards, you can split the hand. Fee for separation - an additional bet in an amount equal to the initial rate. After this set of cards for each hand separately player leads. If you split two hands two aces, you are given the right to reach only one card. If after that you have in one of his hands formed the combination of an ace and a card in denominations of 10 points, then this combination is not considered blackjack. Increase your bet in half after separation and possible hands. The only exception are aces. Split your hand on one box only once.

player counted loss if he went through and the amount of points in his hand more than 21 points. Their cards the dealer opens immediately after the player has finished a set of cards. All action takes place on the basis of dealer strict rules: additional cards it can take as long as it reaches the amount of 17 points. If the dealer had a bust, then he loses. With the same number of points and the dealer and the player is defined as a round draw. Last gets back his bet.  If a player of his cards more than the dealer, he made ??the payment at a rate of 1:1. If there was a winning combination for a blackjack then it is payable at 3-2. If the number of points at the dealer more than the player, the latter loses all his bets.

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