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Blackjack Caribbean Game Rules
Caribbean 21 represent one of the many variations of blackjack that offers its visitors a large number of virtual casinos. In this game, as in the usual blackjack, the main task - to collect a combination of cards, the sum of which constitutes 21 points or as close to it. If there is a bust, the player automatically loses. Special rules govern the actions in the game dealer. If it does not exceed the sum of 17 points, he must take additional cards. Upon reaching the mark of 17 points, he must stop and stop typing cards. Game Caribbean 21uses eight decks consisting of 52 cards. The game can take place on one or several boxes. In the deck each card corresponds to a certain denomination. For registration cards it is similar to their room. As for the jacks, queens and kings, then any of these cards gives 10 points. The main difference of the game from the usual Caribbean 21 Blackjack is aces, which have a special denomination. In the Caribbean 21 they give only one point. The most profitable combination of forms of the three cards, two of which - in denominations of 10, and one - ace. Betting limits are dependent on the table, which is selected to play in this variation of blackjack.

While distributing the dealer deals two cards to the player in the open. Another two cards he hands himself, of which the player can see only one. If you notice his hand Ace, you can insure and click on "Insurance." It protect you in the event that in the hand of blackjack dealer is formed. The cost of insurance will be half the original bet. If after all the cards have been opened, it turned out that the dealer has blackjack, you receive a payment under the insurance rate of 9:1 in any other case, you lose the insurance bet. If luck is favorable to you - you collect a combination of "Caribbean 21 "then as a reward get paid on the first bet on 3:2 ratio. If the dealer and how lucky you are, then the round is a draw, and you lose your bet has already been mentioned that in the Caribbean 21 variations of blackjack is a combination of the highest paid. If it does not fall out when you first hand, you can take an additional card. If you have serious money, then you can double your original bet.

Another button "Split" will help you when you want handed to you cards divided into separate hands. The cost of separation - additional rate, which is equal to the original bet. Only then you can make decisions and get the desired number of cards for each hand. If after separation combination Caribbean 21 formed on one of the hands, the payment on it will be a little lower than the usual combination of Caribbean 21. However, this combination is more expensive in comparison with any other combinations in which the sum of points is 21. Worth remembering that the "Divide" throughout the game you can click only once.  If you have touched, taking a large number of cards, then all bets made ??by you burn. His second card dealer opens only after you have completed all the transoms hands. If the number of points and you and the dealer is the same, the round is recognized as a draw, with all this, you are considered a loser and lose your bet. If the amount of cards in your hand is higher than the dealer's, you win is paid based on the ratio of 1:1. If the dealer has the total score more than you, then all your bets casino takes.

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