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Craps Game Rules
Often confused game of craps with dice that is not quite true, since the bones are used in many gambling.  This game uses two dice (dice) with six faces to put on them points from one to six. Spend the game on the table, having a special layout and high sides, which prevent the departure of bones beyond. Participants several players (usually 20), one of which rolls the dice is called the Shooter . All other players besides Arrow, are betting on the outcome of the throw.

The main objective of the game is guessing the combination which will be formed after throwing Arrow bones. On this combination and make bets. Bones are made ??of cellulose, and always thoroughly tested upon completion of a certain number of game rounds. At the expiration of a period equal to 8 hours, replaced by new bone. Roll the dice according to certain rules, the violation of which leads to the deprivation of the right execution of the function arrow at the table.  Toss accomplished with one hand. Bones should always strike the opposite board table. If they flew beyond it, the casino employee checks them, and they even have the right to replace.

Each game round there is only one shooter. If his bet loses, he is obliged to transfer the right to shoot the dice to the next player to the left of it.
The game is divided into two main stages: Come Out Roll and Roll Point . Let's look at these steps to position arrow. Come Out Roll is the first roll of the dice necessary to determine the number of Point. This number is fixed, if the numbers have dropped from 4 to 10 (except for the number 7). In such a case, the game enters the second stage Point Roll. If the result of the first throw ended equal numbers 2, 3, or 12, will be declared the situation Craps, in which the shooter loses and conveys the right to shoot the dice to the next player. If the numbers have dropped 7 or 11 wins and the shooter continues to roll the dice. This situation is called Natural.

When the game has progressed Point Roll, shooter rolls the dice to continue until not drop a set number of Point or 7. If the number of Point he wins, and the game begins anew with the right to roll the dice the same arrow. In the second case he loses his right and inferior to the next player. Now you need to look at the process of the game from the perspective of all the other players, given the examples of possible rates. Stake Pass Line Committed on stage Come Out Roll. You win if the winning 7 or 11, continues to play, if it is determined Point, and loses if Drop 2, 3 or 12. If dropped Point before a 7, Shooter wins and receives payment equal to 1:1. Don't Bid Pass Line . Rate is the opposite Pass Line. Also performed on stage Come Out Roll. In the case of loss wins 2 and 3, shall be returned to the player at 12, in the case of loss losing 7 or 11 and continues to play, if established Point. In the future, it will be advantageous if a 7 will be rolled before Point (in this case, the shooter loses). Payment is equal to 1:1. Come Bet . Performed at any stage of the subsequent number Point, thrown arrows. Is winning with the proviso that the next throw will give the amount of points equal to 7 or 11 in the case of loss loses 2, 3 or 12. All other numbers are defined as the Come Point, after which the rate will be moved to the appropriate field and win in the event of loss of Come Point before a 7-mi. Plays this rate until the end, change it or remove it is impossible. Payment is equal to 1:1. Do not Come Bet .

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