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Baccarat all original game and the way it should be noted that not all casino land it was presented. In online casino baccarat course the same is present everywhere. At the moment, more and more players are starting to play this game on a professional basis, as what it is similar with all card games. So, as we have already mentioned, the game is playing cards. The purpose of playing the game, to get a certain number of points, in this case as close to 9-(nine). Each carat has regular your rating, so Ace is one point, all other cards with numbers estimated at par, including 9-ku. All pictures and dozens do not give you any points.

Baccarat like a kind opposite blackjack, where we tried to collect two images or an image and an ace, as this give us a very strong combination in baccarat on the contrary have no pictures weight. If the sum of the points exceeds 10 recruited players, and we remember that we need to collect 9 points, or as close to nine, then be deducted from the final 10 :). Thus, if you score 11 points, for example, 8 and 3, then eventually you 1 point. player can bet on one of the three fields, Actually the player or player, or field Tied Tie, and a field of a bank or Bank. It is not difficult to guess, betting you predict who will win in this round, the Player, the Bank or draw. After betting the player and the dealer are dealt two cards and thenscoring.

Who has 9 points, he also won if someone 8 points it is also considered a win, but only under the condition that the opponent has less points. Eslli is neither the one nor the other does not eight or nine points, it is possible to obtain a third card. Now let's talk about who has the right to take a third card. Yes, yes, both players, ie the dealer and the player at the same time do not have the right to take a third card.

If a player is scored from 0 to 5 points, then he has the right to take a third card, if more than 5 points is not entitled. If the dealer scored to 4 points, inclusive, he has the right to take a third card if more than five it does not matter if the dealer in the game of baccarat scored 5 points, he takes his own decision to take or not to take a third card. Usually it all depends on the player's card.

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