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Online Baccarat Rules
Baccarat is one of the most fascinating and exciting games. Most recently, it ranked as the games aristocrats, oligarchs and influential people. Take, for example, one interesting fact of life of the famous James Bond movie hero. It is in this game he played brilliantly and break the bank in various gaming halls. Incidentally, baccarat and current days used very high rates. From the history of the appearance of this game is little known. Until now, several European countries are fighting for the right to be called the birthplace of baccarat. But most of all, she appeared in the gambling houses in Italy and France. Determining the origin of the game prevents fact different variations of the game, which were used in these countries.

The game requires the player to get a hand with cards whose sum will be 9, or as close to that number. Each card in the deck corresponds to a certain denomination. Cards from two to ten are the same denomination as their number. Dozens, however, deducted from the total of all cards. Next, jacks, queens and kings corresponding par of 10 points, an ace is also one point. For example, if you dropped a deuce and King cards, their sum will be 12 points. Subtract ten and eventually get 2 points. The strongest hand in baccarat one that has 9 points. Always wins the hand consisting of two cards with the sum of nine points. It's called natural. In addition to natural ranked as the combination of two cards with the amount of 8 points, but it is weaker than a hand with 9 points.

To start the game you need to bet on boxing. Incidentally, in baccarat can be put both on his win and to win the dealer or even a draw. Each of the boxes is divided into three fields for similar rates. Baccarat play with six decks of 52 cards. The cards are dealt one by one, and when the distribution is complete, the front of the player are two cards. The third card is issued depending on the sum of two previously issued cards. If it does not exceed 5 points, the player is dealt an additional card, if exceeded - the player is left with two cards.

Dealer for such a rule is slightly different. For more, the third card, the sum of the first two should not exceed 4 points. If the amount of the dealer's cards is 5-points, he is issued a card, depending on the amount of the player's cards. The winner is who has the most points, that is the amount that is closest to 9. If the player and the dealer amount equal draw. If you bet on the player, winnings are paid based on the ratio 1:1 . similar rate and is payable to the bank, but in this case will be charged a 5% commission . Is considered the most profitable bet on a draw, as the payment is made ??on the basis of its ratio 8:1 . If the player has bet on themselves or on the bank, but the round was a draw, his bet is returned to him.

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