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Pai Gow Poker Game
Pai Gow Poker - one of a game that stands out for its fascinating rules. The main objective of this game - split seven cards into two hands of 2 and 5 cards so that both arms were stronger cards than your opponent. The roots of this game is closely intertwined with the ancient game of Pai Gow, which was quite popular in ancient China. In those days, instead of cards used dominoes. If we talk about the modern version, it is considered to be the author of Fred Wolf - famous poker player. Despite the fact that the appearance of the game was onlymid-80s, yet it pretty quickly gained their fans and has become quite popular, especially in Asian countries, North and South America. Pai Gow has one distinct advantage, which is a fine strategy and the results are difficult to predict.

The first thing that should make a player - place a bet on the Bet. Then pressing the Deal starts distribution. In Pai Gow with a deck of 52 cards, in which the rank of cards varies from deuces to aces. Besides them there are in the deck and a joker. By clicking Deal, you get seven cards. Many cards and the dealer will, all of which are hidden from the player. The winner in this game can be, if you form two hands to be stronger than the dealer's hand. In this game, a combination of street begins and ends with an ace. Joker in Pai Gow can act as a replacement ace or the last card in a straight or flush. The Joker can be used to replace the cards that are needed to form a pair of kings or nines. receiving seven cards, you have to divide them into two hands, you will need to follow the following principle. One hand must contain five cards, and the other - two. An important rule is the following hands: five-card hand must be ranked higher than one that contains two cards.

The game is considered an older hand in terms of the standard combinations used in traditional poker. If we talk about small hand, the combination of the oldest in the world could be a pair of aces. If it contains a joker, it also can be used as an ace. looked at the playing field, you will notice that it has a small hand symbol Low, also referred to as the most High. Become a winner of the round, the player will only be able, if able beat the dealer and small, and a large hand. If the dealer has both hands are strong, then the victory in the round remains for him, and made ??all player bets burned. If the player's hand and the dealer are the same, a situation arises that in this game is called a replica (COPIA). But even if it originated, it still takes all bets dealer. All other classifications, resulting in the game are void. Calculation of payments carried out at a rate of 1:1. When you win a sum commission of 5%.

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