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Poker Chips
Everyone knows that to play poker without chips, the same as playing without cards. We will try to introduce you to one of the most important attributes of a poker game. Currently you can find many varieties of poker chips. However, despite the great variety, they can be divided into two main categories - real poker chips and others. 99% of the chips, which offer shops and markets are not real chips. These chips are suitable for games, however, are not original, special chips. These chips is considered to be those made ​​by manufacturers involved in merchandising for a Las Vegas casino. These chips are made ​​from identical materials and in view of technology and quality control. These chips can be made ​​of clay or ceramic.  Clay chips offer other manufacturers, but they bear little resemblance to those that use real casino. Most of the chips are made ​​of plastic or special alloy, some of which are present in the metal insert. Some chips have a weight of 8 grams, other chips weigh 11.5 grams. Despite the fact that manufacturers certify their identity with the chips, they are only an imitation. Distinguish these chips is quite simple.

The most important difference - the cost of the product. These chips have a value of one dollar apiece, some may be more expensive, it all depends on the design and of course, quality. If you meet the chips that cost less than 75 cents apiece, we can assume that it is - an imitation. If the chips are 20 cents or less, it's not even worth thinking about, and their originality. If you want to play at home with friends, you can buy chips for 10 cents apiece. Standard size for poker chips is 39 millimeters in diameter. For cheap standard no special chips, however, since they were made ​​as close as possible, their size is about 40 millimeters. Standard diameter size of these chips is important for laying in racks. Experienced professional players can determine the real eye chips or not. In addition each chip has a standard height, which allows to put in racks 100 in chips, while imitation is placed just 95 pieces.

What will distinguish the real from the counterfeit chip? Size, weight, width - that's not all. That can not be faked - it's the sound of ceramic chips. Chips for any movement on the table publish unique, unlike any other, a certain sound. Describe this sound difficult enough, but if you hear it in the casino, you will never forget it and will not confuse. These ceramic tiles have been used since 1980, when they were made ​​to replace the clay. Clay chips and now can be found in the largest casino in the world, most often they are covered inlay and have amazingly rich look. Sound chips ceramic clay is very similar sound, although there is some difference. If you are going to buy chips at the store that you advertise as ceramic, drag them across the table. Simulate chips have a metallic sound, reminiscent rattling golf clubs. Also worth noting is that these chips have a long enough life. They can be washed, rubbed with oil and do other manipulations, while as plastic chips a year lose their attractive appearance.

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