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Poker Holdem Rules
Hold'em poker is one of the varieties of Texas Hold'em. It is based on it, and the rules have been formed for most types of poker. A winning poker hand consisting of cards received at hand - the main goal of this game. You can play one or two boxes. In addition to the basic rate have the opportunity to do the bonus rates - should form a combination cards below a pair of aces. If you choose to play on two boxes, then in the second box bet Ante shall not exceed the bet made ??on the first box.
At the beginning of the dealer and the player are dealt two cards face down. Then there is the opening of the three cards, which are called the flop. On the box, players can view the map. Immediately indicated bet on a bonus. Payment payoff occurs in view of a combination of cards - two that give the players and the flop. Learn about the amount you can win, if we turn to the paytable. Seeing the two cards, the player has two choices on how to proceed: double your bet by pressing the Bet ; surrender - which means reset maps and abandonment of the game.

By adopting this solution, Ante bet is lost. Afterwards the opening of two new maps. As a result, on the table are five cards. The dealer then reveals his cards. Score cards of the dealer and the player takes on the following principle: the best combination, which can be made ??using two hole cards and five open repositories on the table.

Game dealer - from a pair of 4-4. Payments are made ??by the high hand. The presence of game does not count. Unless the game player and the dealer will return rates for the high hand. With regard to rates Ante , then it is paid 1:1. Unless the dealer is no game, then the Ante bet is paid according to the paytable and Bet bet is returned to you. If the dealer has the game (from a pair of 4-4 and above) , then there are several options: The player loses both bets if the dealer's hand was stronger, you return both bets if the hand and the dealer and the player are equal,
if your hand was up, then you get paid at the rate of Bet - 1:1 and at the rate in accordance with the Ante paytable.

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