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Texas Holdem
Texas Hold'em - poker variant that is familiar and favorite players in all casinos in the world. This poker player must rely not only on the part of Fortune, but on themselves and their logical thinking. Delving into the history of Texas Hold'em , you can trace how long this game is popular in the world of entertainment and excitement. Many sources cite 1900, speaking about the origin of poker. His birthplace is the city of Robstown, Texas, though learned this game in Europe much earlier.

At that time, Texas Hold'em caused a lot of controversy about the rules as they were not clearly spelled out. And since it was the Wild West, the game ended in a fight often, in order to prove his victory and collect winnings. To prevent fights and proceedings, the government decided to establish a uniform rule . In 1967, this type of poker got into a paradise for lovers of gambling - Las Vegas. Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim, strive to Texas Hold'em became in demand not only in the narrow professional circles.

So there was a gambling establishment «Golden Nugget Casino», which has long been the only one in Las Vegas, where they were playing Texas Hold'em. It became so popular in the world of gambling, which in 1969 held the first championship for this type of poker . The prize fund is calculated such poker tournaments sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the winners of these games become rich and world famous.

With the development of internet technologies Texas Hold'em became available to players in the online mode. Playing online casino, you can get a lot of fun, a good time, not too risking cash. Casino online casino allows players to test their skills in the demo version of the game, getting free chips to your account, and offers to play on several boxes at a time.

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